Talltape (Large Abc) Animal Alphabet height chart, bigger size for nursery or bedroom decoration – educational and fun souvenir

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Large ABC Talltape features 26 letters of the alphabet each with an animal starting with that letter. Talltape is the easiest way to measure your child’s growth from birth to adulthood. This portable, roll-up height chart is the perfect alternative to marking your child’s heights on a wall or door frame. They can’t be lost or painted over – they just stay with you. Compact and easy to use, Talltape starts from the ground and goes to a height of 6ft 6 (200cm) and arrives tightly rolled up. To straighten simply roll it the other way, then hang it on the wall or lie it under your baby to use. Talltape is available in two sizes – the smaller size in eight different variations, five of which are illustrated by emerging British artists. Each Talltape comes with its own Sharpie Mini permanent marker. Standard Talltape makes a wonderful memento for one child. The whole family can be recorded on the larger Talltape. Create a unique and lasting keepsake that can be passed on through the generations. Unlike other roll up growth charts on the market Talltape is 100% PVC-free.The original roll-up height chart in durable PVC-free plastic. Now available in two sizes and ten designs. Perfect as a stocking filler!
Fully portable, Talltape rolls-up for safe-keeping into sturdy plastic tube 10 x 3.2 cms with lid and comes with a FREE Sharpie Mini Permanent Marker Pen. Talltape starts from the floor and features Imperial and Metric scales (0 to 6 foot 6 inches/0 to 200 centimetres high); it is just 10 cms wide to fit even narrow spaces and roll up as a life-long memento
This height chart for kids is an easy-to-mail newborn gift or a great present for new parents, christenings and baby showers. A keepsake to preserve precious memories of growing up forever. A great addition to kids bedroom or nursery decor
Lie under babies to measure from birth, pre-punched hole to hang on the wall. Or just roll and unroll it when required.
Beautifully illustrated Animals depicting each letter of the alphabet – fun, decorative and educational