Self Publishing Disruption: marketing tips that work so well it feels like cheating

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Ever wondered if there are easier ways to get your book:

  • On page 1 of Amazon’s search results?

  • In the Best Seller lists?

  • In the hands of new readers?

This book is for authors and small publishers looking for a better way to promote their books.

It provides a way to achieve all of the above.

It introduces the concept of Disruptive Marketing, an alternative strategy for promoting books that uses new techniques that are so successful and down right naughty that it almost feels like cheating. It’s all about making your book more visible, creating a buzz, and getting your book to the top of Amazon’s web store.

Self-publishing Disruption includes examples of how the author achieved these results for himself, and many of his author clients. The book provides case studies and screen-shots making these techniques easy to follow and understand.

Discover new ways to promote your book. Discover Self-Publishing Disruption.

Implement these techniques and watch your book’s visibility and sales skyrocket.

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