Merch Shirts: The Beginner’s Guide to Designing, Marketing, & Selling T-Shirts on Amazon

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Merch by Amazon is the hottest, low entry income producing opportunity on the market. Artists, t-shirt designers, and smart entrepreneurs are jumping on this ground floor program. It’s really quite simple. Request an invitation from Merch by Amazon to join the program. Create t-shirt designs. Upload your designs and earn royalties on sales. Your designs are sold, printed, and shipped by Amazon.

In Merch Shirts, you will learn the basics to get started, get answers to frequently asked questions, learn how to find and research ideas for designs, get the scoop on the basics of copyright and trademarks, pick up tips for designing and listing your designs for optimal results, and learn what smart designers are doing to promote their shirts.

You can do this without money or design knowledge if you’re willing to work and self-educate. This book is intended to get you jump started in the t-shirt design business through the Merch by Amazon program. Depending on your current knowledge base, you may need to further self-educate in the areas of design, typography, Photoshop or Gimp, keyword research, and social media and paid ads marketing. Although these things are touched upon in this book, it’s not comprehensive in each of these individual areas.

Merch Shirts is a quick read intended to get you off the couch and into the game! You will learn the basics you need to know to get started, plus you’ll learn a few bonus tips to help you grow. The opportunity is now. Don’t get left behind.