Confessions of an Internet Marketer: Lessons I Learned Over 5 Years at Two Top Internet Marketing Agencies

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This book describes a number of different SEO situations, along with specific examples and methodology. Written in a colloquial tone, these stories provide both the novice SEO and the seasoned digital marketer alike with a window into basic, intermediate and advanced processes for Internet marketing. Anecdotes and tutorials presented together bring the complicated topic of search engine marketing to an easily understandable level.

The author, Fran Irwin, is a working SEO Analyst and Account Manager with 5 years’ experience working on Internet Marketing campaigns, from local to national and from niche to established brand. He brings extensive experience working on nearly 300 individual SEO campaigns to bear.

Excerpt from “A Basic Method for Keyword Research”:

Our virtual client in this case is going to be a brand new site, specializing in…disc golf. Why not? I simply picked the topic out of a hat. I’m going to assume that this client came to us with no website to draw off of but simply has the URL (URL is not as important as it once was for keyword research when exact match domains ruled the roost). I am going to assume this client has little to no SEO knowledge, and the only word they vaguely might want to rank for is the word “disc golf”. This is actually the ideal time to get involved in an SEO campaign, when the slate is still blank. Far too often SEO is a secondary consideration and we are brought in to “fix” an existing site after it may be too late…but I digress 🙂

The first step is simply to get a pad of paper, or an Excel sheet, or a Word doc, or a text file, or however you like to create, and start brainstorming words that you think people who are looking for a disc golf site would key in to find a site. I’ll truncate what would normally be a list of at least 50 words for the purposes of getting done with this post some time tonight to around 10 words.

disc golf, play disc golf, disc golf information, buy disc golf supplies, buy golf discs, frisbee golf, frolf, frisbee golf courses, disc golf rules, frisbee golf forum

Throw those words into tab 1 of your Excel spreadsheet. Remember, you should be absolutely exhausting every single related word that you can before you go to the tools. Your intuition is one of your best assets in SEO- and an English degree ain’t not bad neither!